Axxes (Best Workplace®2020) is an ambitious IT consultancy organization with an eye to the future. We form a top team of more than 200 highly technical consultants who are active in software development, software testing, infrastructure, project management and on data projects.

In recent years we have been characterized by strong growth in both the number of consultants and expertise as well as in the number of customers and turnover. The key to our growth lies in recruiting the right people and as a company we strongly believe in the potential of graduates. We do notice that there is always a distance between the academically accumulated knowledge and the level that is necessary to be able to work project-based and independently within business environments.

In order to meet the expectations set by our clients, we organize numerous training courses for a group of selected graduates. From a practical point of view and practical point of view, we prepare young graduates for the real project work, in which our own employees provide coat racks to successfully start a career as a consultant. Our focus on quality, growth and 'feel good' ensures the success of our customers and employees!

The requested knowledge at the desired moment, the right person for the appropriate project. IT is about People! 



Our procedure consists of three steps as standard. Creating sufficient time and space is crucial to determine whether we fit together professionally. We stay on top throughout the process so that your questions always find their way.

1) Explore

In this interview we try to get the best possible view of your experiences, your personality and your motivation to work as a consultant. We listen to your interests and ambitions and tell you more about Axxes ourselves. We go through a number of projects and see what options there are for you. We reflect on our values ​​and corporate culture, how we are organized, but also what we expect from you.

2) Deepen

If the first exploratory conversation is experienced as positive, a second in-depth conversation will follow. This will continue with another technical Axxes employee and serves to get an accurate picture of your capabilities, this is crucial if we want to evolve your career.

3 Concretize

If both conversations have shown that you are the right person to strengthen Axxes, we would like to offer you a contract.


Interested? Send your CV as soon as possible to Quinten Kennes ( He would like to invite you for a first interview. We are already looking forward to it!