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Privacy Policy last updated on September 13, 2021

“EMECS Career & Technology event” (further abbreviated as “EMECS”) is a job fair for students in Computer Science, Electronics and Electromechanical engineering, established by a joint venture between CenEka, PKarus and IEEE. By using certain services, “personal data” or “privacy sensitive information” (further abbreviated as “data”) can be processed as described in this “Privacy Policy”. This data is directly provided to us by you or by our partners who have mentioned this clearly in their Privacy Policy. The EMECS organisation team attaches a lot of importance to the privacy of their partners and pays a lot of attention to the protection of this information. 

Therefore we make a huge effort by explaining to you in this privacy policy what personal data we collect, wherefore this data will be used and what your rights are in this regard. The EMECS organisation adheres in all cases to the applicable legislation and regulations, among  which the regular data protection regulation. 

If you are still having some questions after reading this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us: 


CenEka VZW 

Hoveniersberg 24 
9000 Gent 

Processed data 

We always strive to collect as little data as possible and we only collect the data that are necessary. Below we give a list that contains all the data we can have and for what it serves with respect to companies: 

  • Company Name: to identify the (pre)registration; 

  • VAT Identification Number: to correctly create invoices intended for your company 

  • Invoice Address: to correctly create invoices intended for your company and to mention your company’s information on the EMECS website 

  • Company logo: to mention your company on the EMECS website and promotional material 

  • Website: to mention your company’s information on the EMECS website 

  • Number of employees in Belgium: to determine whether your company is entitled to our startup discount and to mention your company’s information on the EMECS website 

  • Number of employees worldwide: to determine whether your company is entitled to our startup discount and to mention your company’s information on the EMECS website 

  • Name of the Contact Person: to identify the (pre)registration, to know who to address if we want to contact your company 

  • Email address: to give notice of updates regarding your (pre)registration, to contact you about activities and invitations 

  • Phone Number: to contact you if this is considered necessary 

  • Company Sector: to gain insight into the main interests of your company regarding new employees 

  • Job Offers: to inform the students about possible vacancies 

  • Name and function of the company representatives: To inform the students who they are talking to and make you personalised name cards 

Below we give a list that contains all the data we can have and for what it serves with respect to students: 

  • First and Last Name: to identify the subscription and make personalised name cards 

  • Email address: to give notice of updates regarding your subscription and contact you about other activities if you agreed with this 

  • Phone number: to mention it on the personalised name cards 

  • Residence: to match you with the companies in your area 

  • Education, studies and graduation year: to mention it on the personalised name cards and get knowledge about the field of expertise of the participating students 

  • Job and main interests: to match you with the most convenient companies 

  • CV: to share it with the companies 

Storage Period 

We keep track of your data as long as this is considered necessary in the context of the objectives that are outlined in this privacy policy with consideration of the legal storage and limitation periods. 

All the data is considered as used for archiving purposes and will be stored during the year of registration and five years thereafter. After this period al your data will be automatically deleted. 

Providing data to third parties 

We will never provide data to third parties without your permission, except for the third parties mentioned in the remainder of this document or if this is legally required and allowed (e.g. a police investigation).  

The personal information mentioned in messages and on invoices will be passed on to the organization of EMECS. This contains the following data: 

  • Company name and name of the contact person 

  • Email address and eventually the phone number 

  • Company number if mentioned 

  • Number of employees in Belgium and/or worldwide  

  • VAT Identification Number 

  • Invoice Address 

The student profiles that are made for the event will be shared with the organising student associations if you give us the permission to do so. 

When sending e-mails, we make use of other parties (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). When using these parties, it is possible that your email address will be passed on to them. 

Our website contains links to other websites. If you make use of these websites (e.g. a social medium like Facebook), you agree with their privacy policy and their terms of use and we advise you to read their privacy policy and terms of use since this is beyond the provisions of this policy. Below we provide some examples: 

Inspection, modification and removal of your data 

You have the right to view and edit your data or to request to delete your data. To obey your rights, you can contact us. At the top of this document is mentioned how you can contact us, we prefer to do this via email. At the latest one month after your request you will receive a reaction from us. We can request you to legitimate you before we can respond to previous requests. 


To avoid abuse of and unauthorized access to your personal information we take certain measures. 

  • The online distribution of your data occurs via an encrypted connection. This can be checked by looking at the slot icon and the “https:” text in front of the web address. (e.g.

  • Access to your personal information is only possible for the qualified members of the organisation. For this they have to be logged in with their account before they can consult your data. 

If we would know about a violation of your data, we will contact you within 72 hours. 


If you have any complaints about the processing of your personal information we ask you to contact us directly. You always have the right to lodge a complaint to the ‘Data Protection Authority’, this is the overseeing authority concerning privacy protection. 

Modification of the Privacy Policy 

We reserve the right to modify this policy. We recommend you to read this policy regularly in order that you keep track of eventual changes. The last modification dates from September 13, 2021.